Covid Safe Studio

A ā€˜Uā€™ shaped, chroma green cyclorama studio, comes pre-lit with Kino lighting attached to the rig above the cyclorama. High ceilings and a good amount of floor space allows for versatile filming with enough room for a small jib, track or mocap setup. Blackout curtains and black vinyl flooring are available for hire together to transform the space into a blackout studio. A selection of 2.7m Colorama paper backdrops are also available on request.
The studio comes with its own kitchenette area, equipped with tea and coffee facilities and a fridge for refreshments. Aircon and heating are installed to help regulate the temperature for the most comfortable working conditions.

We have a variety of in-house lighting available to hire. Alternatively we have no objections with you bringing in your own equipment or hired lighting from elsewhere.

Superfast internet
Power, 4 x 16 amp sockets, 4 x double 13 amp sockets
Option to hire a separate changing room, last 4 photos (subject to availability)
Double width load in access
Outside balcony access
Lighting, 3 x 4ft 4 bank Kino flo, 1 x 2 ft 4 bank Kino flo, 1 x Kino Diva 401. All with daylight bulbs, 5600k
Lighting rig, 4 x crossbeams, 2 x pantagraphs

780sq. ft. • 5ft. ceiling • Colorama, Full Cove • blackout • Kitchenette • overhead lighting rig • Lighting Hire • wood floor • green screen • 32 amps, 16 amps, 13 amp sockets • 10 Free Parking Spaces • Goods lift • Wifi • Assistant Hire • Tube: Woolwich Arsenal • Rail: Woolwich Dockyard •

Crixus Studio Green, Picture 01 Crixus Studio Green, Picture 02 Crixus Studio Green, Picture 03 Crixus Studio Green, Picture 04 Crixus Studio Green, Picture 05 Crixus Studio Green, Picture 06 Crixus Studio Green, Picture 07 Crixus Studio Green, Picture 08 Crixus Studio Green, Picture 09