Covid Safe Studio

At one end of the studio, a fully functional rustic kitchen is perfect for capturing food and cooking content, whilst the other end, a warehouse lounge/dining area is a great space to film interviews, or to use as a breakout area.
This unique space has three large, Victorian windows all fitted with full blackout blinds for controlled lighting, alternatively you can keep them open for amazing natural light throughout the day. Other features include original Victorian floorboards and black painted brick walls.
The bespoke designed kitchen has a slide mount lighting rig with overhead power and three pantographs.

The kitchen has polished black, concrete surfaces and the island surface is joined wood. This island is mounted on lockable wheels and has under shelving built from reclaimed Georgian floorboards, These are filled with vintage crates which are removable.

There is a Smeg fridge within the kitchen, with an additional replica backless Smeg fridge available to hire. As well as this, the studio includes a chest freezer, microwave, double oven, induction hob and several other kitchen appliances (please get in touch if you are in need of a specific appliance).

A selection of 2.7m Colorama paper backdrops are also available to hire, which can be setup on request.

We have a variety of in-house lighting available to hire. Alternatively we have no objections with you bringing in your own equipment or hired lighting from elsewhere.

Superfast internet
Option to hire a separate changing room, last 4 photos (subject to availability)
Double width load in access
Slide adjustable lighting rig with 3 x cross beams. 3 x Pantagraph
A selection of rustic furniture
Top down tiles
Outside balcony access

800sq. ft. • 12ft. ceiling • daylight & blackout • Full Kitchen, Food Studio • overhead lighting rig • Lighting Hire • wood floor • Suitable for set builds • 32 amps, 16 amps, 13 amp sockets • 10 Free Parking Spaces • Goods lift • Wifi • Assistant Hire • Tube: Woolwich Arsenal • Rail: Woolwich Dockyard •

Crixus Dockyard Kitchen, Picture 01 Crixus Dockyard Kitchen, Picture 02 Crixus Dockyard Kitchen, Picture 03 Crixus Dockyard Kitchen, Picture 04 Crixus Dockyard Kitchen, Picture 05 Crixus Dockyard Kitchen, Picture 06 Crixus Dockyard Kitchen, Picture 07 Crixus Dockyard Kitchen, Picture 11 Crixus Dockyard Kitchen, Picture 12 Crixus Dockyard Kitchen, Picture 13 Crixus Dockyard Kitchen, Picture 14